Jan 17

Containermod v 1.0 by NAS


Mod Mod About mod:
This modpack includes the following mods:

Actros MP IV

A suitable tractor for container trailer
the Dutch company D-TEC.
This 375 kW (510 hp) Powerful and versatile tractor
Ideal transportation.

D-TEC Part 1
First part of a container transport system,
the Dutch company D-TEC
Solo is in Germany, not allowed on the road and
should be used only to corporate processes Solo,
e.g. to load or unload.

D-TEC Part 2 2
Second part of the container transport system,
the Dutch company D-TEC.
Only one connector is used, and the only way in Germany
allowed on the roads.

Open Top Containers
2 versions of an open top container.
Loading capacity: 37,470 liters
These can be:
Wheat, barley, canola, corn, silage, grass, potatoes, sugar and crap load!

Actros und D-Tec:GTS
LS umbau: NAS Modding Squad
Texturen: NAS Modding Squad
Tests: NAS Team und Simulatortipps

Download: http://ul.to/umn0gj98

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